My Colleague

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My Colleague

*** Note: This story is a piece of purely erotic fiction, and in no way do the characters involved resemble any real life persons as far as the author is concerned.

We often come across sexual harassment of girls and women in academies and work-place. Well it is not completely true that only ladies face exploitation at the hands of guys superior to them. Even male members of any educational or business institution are subject to sexual harassment at the hands of lady colleagues or bosses. I for one have faced harassment at the hands of my girl colleague, it was quite pleasant in the end though.

She studied in the same software training institute I studied in. She was a new admission to our batch of students. I am the batch representative so far as the institute management is concerned. My name is Vineet Shah. I am 22, average looking guy, jet black hair, black eyes and a pair of specs to give me a studious look. I was nick named as Mr. Know-It-All when it came to group discussions, seminars and arguments during classes.

Her name is Suman. She is 20, has a nice figure, 34C cups, dark long brown hair, light blowjob porn videos green eyes, soft pink lips which looked as if delicately and carefully drawn on her face with a pink colored pencil, and with the right kind of clothes and accessories she could look a sexy town girl or a studious bitch as and when it suited her moods. As it went, she had a penchant for trying to boss over each and every one in my batch, myself included.

However, I don’t know why, but right from day one she insisted on sitting beside me during the classes, lectures, libraries and labs. I like it in the beginning, but it irritated me as the course proceeded further and she became quite assertive physically. What’s more she did it surreptitiously and the teachers didn’t smell a rat in this ’coz I wasn’t in a position to protest. For example, once I was looking at a page in a book I borrowed from the library and along she came and stood so close to me peering into the book that my elbow grazed her tits when I turned towards her. At first I thought it was an accident, but as events took their turn, I began to see the light and it dawned upon me that Suman was doing all the physical ’accidents’ intentionally and in all knowingness.

Another day I was having a chat with my /teacher/">teacher when all of a sudden she crept up from behind me and crouched as if she was not visible to the teacher and pulled out my jersey from behind my pants and started /tickling/">tickling in the small of my back. My concentration on the matter I was discussing with the faculty member disrupted and I had to terminate the talk prematurely. When I left the staff room, I saw that she was sitting in the students’ lobby and pretending as if nothing had happened, but her eyes betrayed her. They were mischievous as hell.

When I confronted her about the incident, she came closer to me and started gently pushing me into the corner of the room. I asked her, ’What’s going on here Suman? Why do you keep on meddling in my work and why are you trying to get involved with me physically?’ She leaned and whispered into my ear, ’Well Vineet, so far so good that you have deducted somehow that I want to get involved with you physically. Now then, I don’t have to explain what is really going on. You are not blind, are you? You know what is going on and why it is happening. I love you and I want you desperately and badly. I get turned on every time I see you, I somehow refrain from molesting you, you know.’ I replied to this, ’But I am not so good looking in comparison to my other male colleagues, why only me? Why not some other guy?’ She said, ’Well I don’t know why, but I find you very /hot/hot-sexy/hot-and-sexy/">hot and sexy. I have fantasized in my dreams that I am all alone in an isolated house with you, both of us Buck Naked in the Bed. My God! I am turned on just telling you so. Please don’t be gruff to me.’ It was all so blatantly said, that I was at a complete loss of words for the moments to come. I thanked God that nobody was watching the debacle or I would have been subjected to some vicious leg-pulling.

As the semester was coming to completion, we were to be assigned with projects and asked to choose one of the batch members as a partner for the project as the rules commanded so. I was absent due to some personal chores and Suman informed the teacher, ’Sir, I would like to have Vineet as my partner in my project.’ The teacher acquiesced and congratulated her, ’nice and wise choice, Suman.’

Next day I was informed of the project allocations, much to my alarm. I immediately went to the teacher with a hope that he would get me out of the predicament I was in. I said ’Sir I don’t want to be Suman’s partner for the project. Can’t you appoint some other partner for me?’ But my /bad/">bad luck that he maintained that I should work with Suman. ’Vineet, she is a perfectly /good/good-girl/">good girl and an ideal partner for you as her performance records show. I can’t let it happen that under my very nose, a brilliant pair should work separately. No you’ve got to complete your project in partnership with Suman.’ I retreated, my battle lost.

We started working on our project. For that we had to sit in the labs and library for long hours, studying the facts and figures and the performance of the project till that date. As usual, she continued her physical teasing of me. One day she came to the library and slipped a paper in my book, where she had made a rough sketch of a guy making love to a girl and diagrammatically labeled the guy as me and the girl as herself. I colored to my cheeks and smothered on my cup of coffee. I went into the toilet to wash and flushed the paper. Then again one day we were in the library and I was making notes on some principles we required for the project. All of a sudden I felt that my shin was in contact with some soft skin as if somebody was rubbing it there continuously. I looked down and saw that she was caressing my shin and eventually she managed to get my socks up to my ankles, all with her toes.

It all happened that day. I remember it as if it were yesterday. It was raining cats and dogs. She called me up and said, ’Hi Vineet’Suman here. Can you do me a favor?’ I asked wearily, ’What is it?’ She said, milf porn videos ’I don’t have any conveyance today, so can you pick me up on the way?’ I said, ’All right. I’ll come.’ I went to her house and got drenched to the skin within minutes of leaving my house. I rang her door bell. She opened the door and said as soon as she saw me, ’Hi Vineet! I was expecting you’.. hey you are all wet. Come on in. I’ll give you a towel and you can change into my Dad’s clothes. They’ll fit you perfectly.’ I said, ’No I’ll be all right. Come on lets go. We are late.’ She scolded me in, ’No. The project can wait. You’ll catch a cold or something. Now don’t behave like a spoilt kid’’ She brought me a towel and a pair of trousers to change. I asked her, ’Hey Suman! Thanks for the towel and trousers. Where is the bathroom?’ She said, ’No need for that, you can change here. I am going into the kitchen to brew something hot? What would you prefer, tea or coffee?’ I said, ’is it necessary?’ She said, ’Yes.’ I pondered and gathered that she was dead serious. I said, ’Ok then. Its coffee for me. But will you give me company.’ At this her eyes glinted with mischief and she said, ’Of Course, my Darling! I will always give you company of any kind you want’’ I felt like she could see me go red as she smiled all her way into the kitchen. I toweled and got into the trousers she had brought before she got the coffee out. She set the table and proffered me a mug of scalding hot coffee. I said, ’Thanks a lot’’ she said, ’Oh it was nothing.’ I took a sip and said, ’The coffee is nice,’ and caught her eye as I said so. I felt a bit uncomfortable as she was staring at my bare chest. I felt naked in front of her, but she kept on with her scrutiny of my bare chest and then transferred her gaze to my face. I felt as if she was a scientist looking at some species nailed on to the specimen tray. I was the specimen. She came to sit beside me. I didn’t so much as look at her. I suddenly felt weak in my legs and for the /first-time/">first time that she had turned on the AC at full speed, as I was feeling cold.

The moment I put down my empty mug, she pulled me close to her and splattered my face, bare neck and chest with kisses. I tried to resist, but she was wearing a brown dress hugging her figure and showing some cleavage. She was looking quite sexy and ravishing. My resistance turned into quick response just looking at her sexy figure, and after being wet to the skin and cold to the bone due to the AC, I thought I would have been foolish, stupid and inhuman not to respond to the kiss-assault.

We kissed, her hot lips on mine. I held her by her narrow waist. She kissed on the center of my chest, her breath long and hot on my bare chest. I got a penis that was going to burst if I didn’t control. She saw the bulge in the pants and rubbed the bulge. She said, ’So you like me now. I see you have got a nice erection. As I told you earlier, I get turned on just by looking at you, and today you were already half naked before me when I came out of the kitchen. Tell you the truth Vineeth, I would have literally raped you if you hadn’t responded today.’ All the while she rubbed her palms on my bare chest. Once or twice she stopped to pinch my erect nipples.

As soon she had finished saying, she sucked on my nipples, her lips hot and her tongue wet. The sensation was electrifying. I felt a strange energy surge through me, I grabbed her waist in one hand and by the other hand I pulled her hair gently to make her face me and kissed her fair and square on the lips, she was delicate and fragile in my strong grip, yet she responded passionately and I started undoing the zip on the back of her dress.

After I had done so, I helped her body to be released from the dress and threw the dress into the farthest sofa. Now she was standing in front of me wearing only a black lacy bra and black lacy panties and black fishnet stockings. Just looking at her at that time, I nearly came in the pants. I pulled her closer and kissed her on the lips, her neck, her shoulders, her armpits, and then her waist. Then I kissed her thighs as I pulled the stockings down.

When I had kissed her up to her toes, she pushed me back with her toes, and in a fashion of a female serpent in a heat, she bent down and rested her head near my groin. She kissed the bulge in the pants and proceeded on to undo the buttons and zip on the pants. Then she pulled the pant down and said, ’OOoooo Vineet, you have such a nice /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock.’ It was really, it was very hard and when I got an erection it came to 10 inches and pretty thick too. I just grunted my agreement. She then kissed my cock inch by inch. I liked the feeling and then she took my boner in her /mouth/hot-mouth/">hot mouth and sucked the head first and then the whole meat. She was sucking me hard and I felt as if I was in Heaven.

Soon tension built up and I screamed, ’Sumaan’. I am going to cum.’ She said, ’/mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-my-mouth/">cum in my mouth, I want to taste your cum.’ And she sucked harder, her lips and mouth hot on my dick. I came and shot my load into her /sexy/sexy-hot/">sexy hot mouth. She said, ’Ummmm’. Some nice cum’.and an awful lot of it too,’ after she had drank all of the stuff. She purred like a kitten, half satisfied and expecting some more. I pulled her close to me and kissed her forehead, then on her eyes and then on her lips. While I was kissing her lips, I slid down the shoulder straps of her bra till they were up to her elbows. I then grabbed her a bit violently and kissed her more passionately. All this while my hands undid the clasp of her bra and her luscious and sexy pink tits were free of the covering’.and believe me it was really a sexy pair to see. I kissed them and pulled the erect and rock hard nipples with my lips. Then I sucked on them and started biting them. She said, ’Yes bite them, bite them Vineet, harder’.’ I bit harder and pushed a hand into her panties and started rubbing her clits.

She started to lick her lips in pleasure and anticipation. I kissed her neck and then carried her to the sofa. I put her on the sofa and kissed her entire body and she whimpered as my hot breath and hot lips touched her delicately soft skin. I liked to see the mild ripples that ran from her chest to her bare tummy. I kissed her navel, I inserted my tongue into the navel hole and bit the surrounding area lightly. She felt tickling and pain simultaneously. I pulled her panties down her bare and /legs/sexy-legs/">sexy legs. Then I kissed her cunt. I shoved in my middle finger inside her dripping wet and /cunt/hot-cunt/">hot cunt. Then I started tongue and /fingering/finger-fucking/">finger fucking her simultaneously.

Then I licked her G-Spot and the lips of her clit. I rubbed her clit with my fingers. I kept on licking her cunt. .she pulled my head as if she wanted me to go deeper with the tongue. I obliged and went deeper with my tongue. She came hard and was ecstatic with the violent orgasm. I licked all her juice and then kissed her lips. Then she stroked my cock and I got in between her legs.

I crushed her under me as I entered her. I stretched her hands above her head and gripped her wrists so as to restrain her hands. I kept on pounding her hard. She kept on screaming, ’Yes.. Yes’.oh YES’Fuck me, /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard’.Vineet’ Oh Yes Vineet’FUCK MEEE..KEEP FUCKING ME’’ I said, ’Yes, now take it’.’ And went in deeper and harder. Her body felt very nice under me. Her soft skin was turning pink with every rub my body gave her at every single thrust. I could see that she was a pro at fucking so I asked, ’ Hey Suman, who took your cherry?’ She smiled and replied back, blushing, ’one day during my elementary college, I watched a porno and got turned on, so I did myself with a cucumber. I imagined it as a cock and sucked it and then fucked myself with it till I had a violent orgasm.’ I asked ’So which is better, the cucumber or my cock?’ She replied, ’Your cock honey’’ and I increased my thrust into her. She said, ’Vineet I am gonna cum again’’ I fucked her faster and she came on my dick, the walls of her vagina stretching and contracting like some tight air suction on my dick and I without any warning came inside her love hole.

I collapsed on her for some time then pulled up, my erection still buried deep inside her and we kissed. Just looking at her that time gave me another hard on and I fucked her again and this time both of us came together, our juices mingling. She said, ’Not bad man’ three orgasms in a single day’.not bad at all Vineet’. Whoever’s going to marry you is going to be very lucky. Hope I get lucky enough to marry you,’ and smiled up at me. I smiled back and we kissed each other. Then we sixty-nined and came in each other’s mouth. She drank my all cum and I licked all her cream. I dressed up to go back home as I knew I would not be able to face the project today.

I bade her goodbye and said, ’The coffee was real nice Suman, but not as tasty as you were.’ She blushed and laughed and said, ’Come back some day when I inform you and you can have some more of the coffee, you understand?’ I nodded as I knew that by coffee she meant herself.

We tried some more coffee four times after that. On the last day in the institute, she asked me ’Vineet, am I going to be lucky?’ I knew what she meant. I said, ’Yes dear, you are going to be very lucky’ and took her to my house and as I was alone that day, we had some more ’coffee’ in my bedroom.

Guess what, we are getting married next month.