Posing for pain pills

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Posing for pain pills

Mary Hall kept asking herself how she had managed to get in this mess. Of course the answer was simple. After the auto accident she had been prescribed pain medication to which she had become addicted. After a while, no /doctor/">doctor would feel justified in continuing to allow her to have them, so she found herself in a predicament shared by many other people. . . hooked. She tried valiantly to detox herself but with no success. She just had to have relief. In desperation she began to find a source. Even knowing how destructive buying street drugs could be, her need was too strong to be denied.

That's how she found herself in a seedy part of town, notorious for all sorts of nefarious activities. The area was awash in poverty except for the black men who dealt in drugs, robbery, gambling and prostitution. They had plenty of money. And Mary, god help her, was willing to spend some of her own. Actually, her husband, Alfred's since Mary was a stay at home wife. Their two sons had married and settled in a neighboring town a hundred miles away, so it was just her and Alf. They had been married for twenty seven years, and it was a good union. Of course they had fallen into a mostly sexless routine but it was comfortable. Since Alf traveled extensively at his job Mary spent much of her time alone. She was an active member of several ladies clubs like the red hat ladies and wives of Kiwanis. She also sang in the church choir and attended services regularly. But even with all those activities she still had a crying need for the pills.

She was /scared/">scared to death to be in this part of town and unsure of what to do, so she just drove around aimlessly, trying to see what was what. Many people stared at the nice car with the white woman alone as she drove through the grimy neighborhood. While she was stopped at a red light, a young black man approached the car and tapped on the window. Mary almost wet her pants with fear, but felt that maybe this was what she had been looking for. . . so she let the window down.
"You need sump'n momma?" he asked. Mary stammered "What.. what do . . . do you mean?"

" I got it all, pretty lady. . . uppers, downers, smoky Tokes, shoot em ups, nose candy. . . anything you need. "
"Yes... I do want something. "
"Let me in and tell me. "
He got in the car. "Any time I see somebody look like you around here I know they gotta need some kinda help. What you want?"
" I was prescribed some pain pills but I can't get them anymore. "
"Gotcha. Turn left at that stop sign. My place is in the next block. "
Mary followed his directions and pulled to a stop where he designated.

"Come on" he said. Mary was afraid " I can't go in there with you. Why don't you just go get them and bring them to me?"
"Cause if you sitting here by Yosef, some nigger liable to do something you won't like. You better off to come with me. "
Reluctantly, Mary got out of the car and locked it.
"My name Darnell, pretty lady. " He waved to a big black man sitting on the stoop.
"Hey Tank, watch dis car for me. Don't let nobody fuck wid it.  It belong to my friend here . "

The man gave him a thumbs up and they went into the apartment building. Mary was terrified and felt totally out of place. And she was. Mary Hall, at forty four, was a good looking woman. She had been told so all her life. Alf's friends always told him how lucky he was to be married to a tall /brunette/">brunette with lush curves and long legs. Of course they didn't refer to her lushness or her legs Per Se, but the inference was there. She definitely looked like she didn't belong in this ghetto.

When they reached Darnell's apartment he unlocked the door and ushered her inside.  It was a typical cheap one bedroom place with tacky, mismatched furniture. He motioned her to have a seat on a worn, dirty couch while he went to the bedroom to get the stash. Mary tentatively perched as lightly as possible. He returned with several bottles. "I got Vicodin, oxy, morphine, heroin. . . what you want?" Mary felt herself trembling with anticipation. At last, some blessed relief.
" I want OxyContin. " Darnell smiled. "Ahhh, the heavy shit. You really strung out aintcha?"

Mary didn't reply, but opened her purse. She handed him a hundred dollar bill. "How many will this buy me?"
"Since you probably gone be a steady customer I gone give you a break You can have twelve of these /bad/">bad boys. Plus, as a bonus,  I'm gonna throw in a extra one you can take right now. z"
Mary knew she shouldn't. She had to drive home. But she had to have it.  And besides, she figured she'd be able to drive okay. So she accepted the pill and the bottle of water Darnell held out for her.  She swallowed it gratefully and waited for the rush.
Standing, she thanked the young black man. 

"That's alright pretty lady. You know where I live and when you run out, just call me. Maybe I'll even bring them to you so you won't have to come to nigger town again. "
He handed Hera slip of paper. "That's my phone number. Don't lose it. "
Mary slipped it in her purse. " I won't. For sure. Thank you so much for helping me. "
"You welcome. What's your name anyway?"

"I'm Mary. " She thought of giving him a phony name but decided it wasn't necessary.
She turned to leave, feeling the pill coming on.
"Oh, just one more thing, Mary. Before you go, there's just one thing I want you to do for me. "
’What?" Mary asked.
"Take your clothes off" Darnell grinned.
Mary felt as though she had been slapped.
"Wha. . What. . are you kidding me ?" she exclaimed.

"Not at all .  I just want to get a look at that prime ass you got. And them nice white titties.  I bet you don't shave yo pussy neither. Let's find out. "
Mary, panic stricken, made a bolt for the door, but the black man grabbed her by the arm and force her onto the couch.
"Let me tell you how it is, /bitch/">bitch. You in here with me. Ain't nobody gone come help you. Shit, women screaming in this shithole building all the time. Now don't worry,  I ain't gone rape you. Ain't even gonecfuck you or make you suck my dick.  I'm just gone take some pictures of you. . . bareassed NEKKID. "

"Why?" Mary asked.
"Just cause I fuckin want to. That way I know you ain't gone gimme no shit. Now start takin it off. . . or I'll do it for you. You don't wanta be drivin back to yo house wid yo clothes all ripped up. What would you say to the neighbors? Oh yeah, I was just in nigger town scoring some oxy and this dude tore my dress off. "

Mary was trapped and she knew it. Tears of humiliation on her cheeks, she reluctantly stood up and started undressing.  Darnell bokep sma pecah perawan started snapping photos as each piece of her clothing was removed . Her face flaming red with hot embarrassment, Mary was down to hr bra and panties as the black man ogled her lewdly, whistling in admiration.

He demanded that Mary take her panties off next. As she obeyed, he saw that he was right.  She did not shave her pussy. He made her stand with her hands at her sides while he took a good long look. Writhing in shame Mary followed his instructions to remove her bra. Darnell's eyes lit up as he saw her old waman xxxgx bare breasts, just a slight sag to them, and tipped with half dollar sized aureoles and erect pink nipples. He had her stand with her hands clasped behind her head, thrusting out her boobs for his pleasure. She was told to widen her stance, placing her in a totally wanton pose, accentuated by the high heels she wore. After what seemed an eternity, Darnell said "Alright honey. You can get dressed and go now. Mary was washed with relief. She could hardly believe that she wasn't going to be raped. He was actually keeping his word.

"Now Mary.  I got these pretty pictures of you. Next time you want some oxy, you just call me. I'll come to yo house and bring em. Guess what? I ain't even gonna raise the price. Only difference is. . . me and you gonna have some fun in yo bed. And I mean as many visits as I want to pay you. Now, get dressed and leav.  I'll see you soon. "

On the drive home, hoping she didn't get stopped for driving while stoned.
Sure enough, she didn't get raped. "but she knew she was fucked.