A Busy Week Part 4

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
A Busy Week Part 4

Every Friday morning I drive out of town to see my Uncle Harry. The old boy is nearly eighty now and he lives in a plush care home in the country. Despite his years, he?s quite spry and a treasure to talk to. I love to hear his stories of him and my Dad when they were young and all the mischief that they got up to.

Uncle Harry has always been heavily into women. Hell he?s been married five times. Although he knows that I?m gay, he can?t resist telling me about all the intimate details of his sexual exploits both present and past. He?s shagging his young black nurse on a regular basis and he never tires of telling me of how her pussy dribbles as his tongue licks her stiff clitoris. He?s such a horny bastard.

After an hour or so, I say goodbye to him and pay a visit to the manager of the home. He?s called Anthony and he?s a /gorgeous/">gorgeous guy in his late twenties. He has a private apartment in the care home that doubles as his office. indian santali xvideo It took several visits before I found out that he was attracted to me physically. I remember the thrill I had had when he exposed his cock to me for the /first-time/">first time.

We were just talking about my uncle?s condition when he simply unzipped his fly and pulled out his nine-inch stiff boner for me to ogle at. And what a magnificent sight it was. His cock is smooth and expertly cut with a magnificent bulbous helmet. I wasted no time in getting my head down on it and I worshipped it with my mouth and tongue until he cried out with pleasure as his cum filled my throat. I relished the taste of it as I swallowed it down.

Anthony has short dark hair and a boyish face. I just love his dark blue eyes and his long black eyelashes. And I simply adore his wide mouth and his full red lips. Apart from his manly cock, his body is boyish too: slim and lithe and almost devoid of hair. But best of all he is so responsive and caring to my needs and I never have to ask him to do anything to me: he does what I want quite instinctively.

Our Friday routine begins as I close the door of his apartment. He puts his arms around me and he whispers words of love to me. I know that he has missed me since my last visit when he gives me the first of a series of loving kisses with his tongue deep inside my mouth. Then I clutch his firm buttocks and pull him towards me until our hot throbbing cocks are pressed together.

He undresses me in seconds and leads me into his bedroom. Knowing how much I want his cock in my ass, he gently pushes me down on my chest over the edge of the bed and he kneels down behind me. My rosebud quivers in delight as he pushes his tongue inside it. I love the sensation of his smooth wet tongue dart in and out of my /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole. Then he pulls my cock back between my legs and he sucks and sucks it while he finger fucks my love tube.

When I groan with passion he parts my legs and he shoves his hot ramrod inside me with just one long push. Oh and then he starts fucking me /hard/real-hard/">real hard with his hands on my thighs. He speeds up and fucks me faster and faster. I squeeze my rectum down on his hard /cock/hot-cock/">hot cock until it pulsates deep inside me and releases its love milk. I alain lyle porn hear him sigh with /ecstasy/">ecstasy as his cock tingles with love for me.

Then he pulls out of me and rolls me over on my back. His head gets down on my cock until it?s deep down his throat and he sucks me furiously. I am burning with desire as I feel his cum trickle out of my ass hole and, within seconds, my cock explodes in his mouth and my whole body is lost in orgasm. I quiver all over as he sucks on and on until my cock goes limp.

We get into bed together and I give him a cuddle for the pleasure he has given me. I kiss his armpit and he giggles as my tongue tickles him. I simply adore the smell of his fresh sweat and the feel of his soft hair against my tongue. My cock stiffens at the thought of me fucking him back. I finger fuck his /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass as I kiss him and, when he moans and groans, I know that he?s ready for my ten-inch hotrod to enter him.

I get up off the bed and sit on a chair stroking my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock which is already dribbling with pre-cum. Anthony comes over to me with his hard cock waggling about and I take it in my mouth and suck it for a while. Then he lubes my cock generously and he sits down on my cock facing me with his legs astride mine.

It?s hard to describe the sensation of my cock entering his love tube so effortlessly. All I can say that it is a feeling of sheer joy. He kisses me passionately for a while before he starts humping up and down on my hot cock. Oh /sweet/">sweet Jesus I just /fucking/fuck-love/love-to-fuck/">love to fuck him this way: he is in control although my cock is inside his bottomless ass hole. He knows the rhythms that I like best and I soon shoot deep inside him. My cock throbs and tingles as I scream out loud in ecstasy.