The Erotic Hotel

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The Erotic Hotel

When Marty?s car broke down seemingly miles from anywhere he managed to thumb a lift with a truck driver who dumped him off in the nearest town. The local community had once been a depressed area after it?s cotton mill closed down but now they had revived it?s fortunes with an usual hotel and casino called ?The Erotica.?

As the local garage said they couldn?t go out for his car until the next day he decided to book into the hotel which was housed in what used to be the old mill. Of course it had been tastefully modernized and re-furbished but there were some pieces of equipment re-assigned as sculptures just to let you know something of it?s history.

Marty was a little surprised by the fact that the girls at the reception desk were topless and the bellboys looked like they belonged to the Chippendales. The walls were covered in murals if erotic art and a /penis/large-penis/">large penis fountain shot water into a /vagina/large-vagina/">large vagina shaped bowl in the center of reception.

When he approached the desk a very beautiful young woman with enormous tits smiled and asked his pleasure. He was somewhat confused when she asked if he wanted a private room or to share.

?To share?? he repeated.

?Yes we have several young /women/">women, if young is your preference, and several men who are looking stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv to share.?

?You?re saying,? he stammered, ?That you offer room sharing to people of the opposite sex.?

?Of course but if you?re gay we also have several gentlemen who are looking for partners for tonight.?

Marty wasn?t a prude but this did seem a bit over the top and so he decided to go it alone. The girl was a bit surprised but proceeded to look at the availability on her computer. At a few minutes she shook her head, ?I?m afraid we don?t have anything available for an individual but we can put you on a waiting list ? you could spend some time in the casino and we can page you.?

He began to think he was being taken for a sucker and decided to go along with her little game.

?OK,? he said, ?Who are the women you?ve got that wants to share??

?Well I think you would like Melody Bridges,? she relied, spinning the monitor so he could get a look at his prospective companion. She turned out to be a really great looking /brunette/">brunette, maybe be a little older than him but certainly not someone you?d kick out of bed.

?Of course Ms. Bridges will have to have a look at you first,? she then asked him to step into an area at the end of reception where a full length photo was taken. After a few more minutes diddling with her computer she smiled, ?Ms. Bridges agrees to the share,? she said, ?She?s a charming person, I think you two will get along fine.?

Humphrey, a bellboy who had his name tattooed on his chest offered to take his cases but the fact was he didn?t have any and so with key in hand he proceeded to the fifth floor and room 508.

He was quite nervous standing there at the door and so instead of using the key he decided to knocked quietly. As he held his breath in anticipation he heard someone stir inside and the door opened revealing his roomy for the night.

?Come in, come in,? she smiled, ?Welcome to room 508. I?d almost given up on anybody sharing with me ? I was beginning to get an inferiority complex.?

Still a bit uncertain of the arrangement he mumbled ?O ? I don?t think a beautiful woman like you would have to worry about someone wanting to sleep in the same room.?

At that moment he noticed that there was only one bed ? a king sized but none the less just one. And over the bed was a giant ceiling mirror.

Melody sat down on one of the big velvet chairs and crossed her long nylon clad legs.

?You must think I?m an awful slut doing this kind of thing,? she said, ?But I?m married to a very successful business man in San Fransisco and he?s married to his work. Would you believe we haven?t been intimate for over a year, in fact this will be my /first-time/">first time in over a year ? I?ve always been true to him but there are limits in any relationship.?

Marty, who was pretty impressed with this lovely woman with an hour glass figure and beautiful /tits/big-tits/">big tits could hardly believe that any husband would be able to resist fucking her twice a day. However, being single Marty didn?t really understand the complexities of married life.

?Have you eaten lunch yet,? Melody asked, reaching for the phone.

When he admitted that he hadn?t eaten that day she asked him if he would mind if she ordered for him. He said he had no objection and she then proceeded to order a gourmet lunch with two bottles of champagne. After tucking twenty dollars into the waiter?s G-string the pair settled at the table under the window and ate.

Marty couldn?t take her eyes off of her she was so good looking and so elegant. Every time she put a morsel between her generous lips he imagined what it would be like to slip his dick in there. Occasionally she?d smile as if she knew what he was thinking.

When their legs brushed against each other under the table she paused for a moment and looked at him with a twinkle in her eye. His dick became harder and harder and it was difficult to sit properly.

The meal finished, she wiped her lips delicately and suggested that he might take a shower, and noting that he looked rather nervous she put forward the idea that they might just snuggle in bed for a while to see what developed. He nodded in agreement.

?I?m a little nervous too,? she said, ?This is not the usual way that two people meet but who knows it may prove to be the best.?

Marty couldn?t wait to get into the shower and out again but he did take his time to wash his crown jewels well. Wearing one of the white terry towel robes hanging in the bathroom he re-entered the room to find Melody unpacking a few things including a rather impressive dildo.

?I don?t think you?ll be needing that,? he ventured, pointing down to his dick, he continued ?I?ve got one here that works rather well.?

?I?m pleased to hear that,? she laughed and threw the dildo back in the case.

When Melody re-emerged she had let her hair flow to her shoulders and she looked even more incredible than before.

?On the count of three,? she said, ?Let?s whip off our robes and jump straight under the sheets.?

Marty smiled, ?OK you do the count down.?

?One, two, three,? she called out and laughing like school children they leaped into bed.

Her body felt great pressed against his and in no time flat they were kissing and his big boner was pressed against her tummy. She put her hand down and touched it, ?How do you switch thing on,? she giggled.

Marty was getting very worked up and quickly kicked off the bed covers as he wanted to see her naked body and to explore it with his tongue. Her nipples stood erect and so he began by licking the ends very gently and gradually taking them into his mouth, first one and then the other.

He massaged them as he sucked as Melody kept on whispering ?that feels so good -
so very, very good.? As he made a trail down her flat stomach to her navel and then on to her flower she arched her back. It was if she couldn?t wait for him to put his tongue into her warm, wet groove. However, he teased her a little by licking the inside of her thighs and her body began to shake and tremble. Marty moved to the foot of the bed, knelt down on the floor and taking her legs he drew her flower right up to his mouth.

His tongue flicked around the petals of her flower like a butterflies wing and Melody began to moan quite loudly. It tasted good and he parted the lips and proceeded to lick and lick. The fact that she could see the action in the mirror above seemed to add to the excitement.

She began to tremble and shake the bed as if an earthquake had struck the building and her moans and deep breaths indicated that she was going to explode into a massive orgasm at any moment. When she did her body bounced up and down and she called out to him to fuck her as if she was dying for it.

The bed was just the right height and so he stood up pulled her towards him and rammed his throbbing dick deep inside of her.

?O fuck,? yelled Melody, ?It feels so good.?

As he looked down at her, with her long hair spread over the pillow and her /gorgeous/">gorgeous tits thrust upwards, he knew that it was time to abandon the /foreplay/">foreplay and get right down to business. Holding onto her thighs he started to ram his dick in and out. Slowly at first but the at a rapid pace as he was desperate to shoot his load inside of her.

Melody stretched her arms backward and held on to the bedhead as he plowed it in with great precision sometimes bringing it all the way out and driving it back in forcefully. She was loving it and so was she and as he felt himself cumming he could see that she was also about about to do the same.

It was like as if some metaphysical force had taken over his body he kept going and going long after his sperm had filled up her flower. Her arms were flaying all over the place and her face looked as though she was in agony but that was obviously not the case.

Both exhausted they lay beside each other just holding hands for sometime.

?Thank you so much,? said Melody after a while, ?That was /best/best-sex/the-best-sex/">the best sex I have ever had in my life ? ?In fact,? she giggled, ?I think it?s the /best/best-sex/">best sex anyone as ever had.?

Before Marty could say anything Melody raised herself up and moved down the bed to his former position. This time it was her turn to pull him down the bed and when his dick, still very presentable, reach her mouth she just swallowed it.

?O shit,? Marty cried out, and when she withdrew it and cupping his balls plunged it into her mouth again. He just kept on repeating himself, ?O shit, O shit, O shit.?

As she licked and massaged his dick and his balls his nerve endings began to electrify and he had the feeling that she was going to continue until he came in her mouth. Her sucking got faster and faster, her tongue worked circles around his dick as she went up and down on it and although he shouted, ?I?m cumming, I?m cumming,? she paid no heed and kept going until he blew his lot. She seemed to relish the taste and didn?t waste a drop.

Marty was breathing heavy as Melody climbed back on the bed and and lay beside him. ?Do you know something she whispered, ?I?ve never had white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie it up the ass, do you think we could try that ? after you?ve had a little rest of course.?

Although he did feel a bit spent, as she fondled his dick with her beautifully warm fingers he felt it getting hard once again and so he wrestled her into position with her ass on the side of the bed, moistened her up a little, with some oil that was on the bedside table, and eased it in slowly.

She gasped as he went in deeper and deeper. He put his arms around her and grasped hold of her tits as he drove it in and out as she squealed with pleasure. After he shot his load once more Melody decided to give him a rest They just lay on the bed and watched a pornographic movie on TV, occasionally touching each other gently when something on the screen titillated them.

At one point Marty put one finger, and then two into her pussy and moved the around and around. Her body stiffened up and she turned towards him with her eyes closed giving him access to her nipples which he sucked in rhythm with his finger movements.

It didn?t take long before she began her trembling routine once again and as he kept playfully moving his fingers in and out her flower became very hot and wet inside. When she came she trapped his hand between her legs so as to keep his fingers buried inside of her for a while.

?I don?t like to admit ? she whispered in his ear, ?But I don?t think I can take anymore ? well until later this evening at least.?

They both stayed at The Erotic Hotel for three days and then Melody shocked him by suggesting that she would buy him a condominium close to where she lived in San Fransisco and even said she?d find him a job with one of her friends.

?You can have girlfriends,? she said, ?But I want one night a week reserved for me and I don?t want you fucking any of my friends.?

Marty, who cheerfully accepted her offer didn?t think he?d have the energy for girlfriends or anyone else after one night a week with Melody Bridges.