Welcum Home

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Welcum Home

 You unsling your bag off your shoulder as you step into your room and fall on the bed. Instantly, you feel something out of place; something hard beneath the sheets. You reach under and find a CD case with a blank CD inside; the words "play me" scrawled across the front. You frown, put it on, and smile as you hear the music of Metallicas "Welcome Home" start to flow from your stereo speakers. You look around, and shut the door, smiling to yourself. "Howd you do it?"

I step out from the closet, merely wearing boxers. You can tell the sweat on my face designates a lot of heat in such a small space. "Got a hold of Chelsea. She let me in today. Ive been hiding here ever since."
You laugh. "You were going to /surprise/">surprise me, werent you?"

I shrug and sit down on the bed; we havent taken our eye off each other. "I was going to burst out but I know youd probably scream and then the neighborhood watch would kill me."
"Most likely. Id have a heart attack. And we wouldnt want that."
"No... we wouldnt." I step up to you, running my hands across your face as you stare at me.
"You didnt have to come..."
"No. Im here because I choose to be."
"Itll be hard to get out. My parents are visiting too."

I chuckle. "Then well be extra quiet..." I run my hands down your arms and pull you towards me, kissing you hard. "Welcome home, my rocksteady angel..."

"Youre the only thing Id want to come home to..." you murmur, holding me tightly as you kiss me, letting us fall on the bed. You run your fingers through my hair, long and soft, murmuring as I kiss your neck, my hands reaching under your shirt and teasing your breasts under your bra. You pull off your shirt and I slide down, kissing your stomach. You giggle, feeling my beard press against your skin as I kiss you down there, my mouth barely touching you and trailing along your waistline. You stretch your pants a bit and I go a little lower, tasting you just above your pussy. You shudder, and let me undo you pants so they slide down around your ankles. I kiss your pussy through your panties, then proceed to kiss your thighs, licking them softly as I kiss around the outline of your panties. But, you pull me up and press me to your lips, your breasts pressing against my chest. I can feel all the heat and desire streaming as one against me, against you.

"God I love you..." I hiss as I suck your bottom lip.
"Suck my tits..." you gasp. "Make me soo wet for you..."

I slide down between your breasts and run my fingertips against the nipples, just to wake you up before I slide one against my mouth, sucking and licking gently, often biting them just with a bit of edge. I can feel you try to control yourself to keep from making too much noise. "Oh God... suck me..."

I continue just gently nibbling at your breasts, while one of my hands massages your pussy through your panties, feeling yourself getting wetter and hotter with each passing moment. You run your hands through my hair, let it slip through your fingers like sand. I suckle your other breast, biting harder this time at it and then blowing softly, letting you shudder as you feel hot suddenly turn to cool. I pause my fun and kiss back down your stomach to your panties, which I slide off and you kick away. I inhale your scent, kissing your puffed, excited lips and the hair around it before I slowly lick your slit, up and down. You shut your eyes and try not to make a sound as we heard footsteps outside the door.

I pause, my tongue gently resting on your clit. The moment hangs; and I can feel you start to shudder as you try not to break into a song of your own with my tongue where it is. But, shortly we hear the footsteps go away, and I go back to lapping away at you. My tongue moves in little circles around your clit, teasing everything but the head. You smile down at me as I work, stroking my hair.

"Lick me baby... make me cum... oh I love it... ooohhhh..." you gasp as I tend to your needs, my arms holding your legs apart so I can get all the access I need. I can taste your honey dripping down and I try to catch it amidst lapping away at you. Every so often I go back to kissing your thighs, try to resist you pushing my head back to where you want it to be. Ill just drift around there for hours, every so lightly xxx sex video download free com touching your legs, while the fire between them burns all the hotter. Then I go back to licking your /pussy/sweet-pussy/">sweet pussy.

You tell me you want more, you want to feel me against you, feel me fill you up. I chuckle and say that time will tell. You give a pleading look and I ignore it as I crawl on top of you, kissing you deep. You try to work my cock from my pants but I move away, despite the fact sexxxx video ful hd I love how you touch it. I slide down, kissing your sides and stomach and breasts, keeping my midsection away from you. You whine, telling me you want my cock in you, but I chuckle and step back. Slowly, I slide my boxers off, revealing my hardness. You smile and lean forward, touching it, feeling the precum soak your fingers as you lick it off. But, I push you back down against the bed and go back to teasing your pussy with my mouth a bit, before I stand up and just look at you a moment, my cock now aching for you.

You lean back and spread your legs, pulling them towards your shoulders. I nod, saying you look beautiful, and take my cock and tease your pussy with it, just drawing a circle around the entrance with precum. You moan and whisper you want it, you want it fast. I finally give in and slide inside you, and you gasp at the moment, then let your eyes roll into your head and smile as I start to move in and out of you. You pull me towards you, in deeper, and kiss me, your tongue darting against my own. I can feel your /pussy/pussy-massage/">pussy massage my cock like a perfect handjob, squeezing me in slow, pleasurable agony. I start to pick up the pace, inspired by you telling me you want me to fuck you harder.

My thrusts become more rapid, instead of long and drawn out. You move your hips against me, meeting each one. I kiss your neck and hold you close to me, watching your face as you gasp, cringe, and moan softly in anticipation of what is to come. I can feel the tension too, but I know its a tension that cannot be relieved at the moment. I slide out of you and bury my face back inside, lapping away and your eyes go back in your head as I constantly give attention to your clit. You hands grip my head and force me to stay there. "Ohhh fuck..." you moan and then I taste it; that /sweet/">sweet rush shooting through you and dripping against my tongue. I drink it all. You seem to rise off the bed as your release, shuddering, biting your lip to keep from being too loud, yet you dont want to contain yourself. I slide next to you and kiss you, letting you wrap your arms around me tightly. I run my fingers through your hair, smelling it, smiling. "Welcome home baby...." I repeat, feeling you nuzzle my beard.

"It is good to be home... I love you too," you smile, as you wrap your legs around my own and hold me tighter than you ever have. I know you dont intend to let go, and neither do I. Your fingers tease my cock and I laugh at you, despite the fact the hard on I have is killing me. I know youll give me what I want later. After all, anticipation was half the fun.